Sick and tired of Premature Ejaculation?... Continue reading to see how i discovered an innovative, yet simple approach to eliminate even the severest case of Premature Ejaculation - 100% Guaranteed.


"Discover How You Can Permanently Conquer Premature Ejaculation From  Being a One Minute Man To  Lasting Over 30 Minutes  In Bed CONSISTENTLY...!"

From The  Desk Of Chika Okorocha
Trusted Sexual Advisor And Wellness Coach

Dear Friend,

Embarrassing isn't it?

Every time you get started, you're suddenly ready to finish within minutes or even seconds... your body tenses, your breathing gets ragged... and it's all over before it even began.

She looks up at you with a mixture of surprise and amusement... she gives you a pitiful "it's okay", but deep down, she wishes you could last longer and give her the time of a life...

You know it, she knows it, and you can see it in her eyes.

So yeah, prematurely ejaculating is embarrassing... It's humiliating.

I was a virgin man when I got married, as a result, I never had any prior sexual  experience with any woman.

I only engaged in smooching, caresses and petting while I was dating, but never got to the point of experiencing the real pleasure in love making because I was brought up with a sound moral principle in a very religious home.

So when I got married, I discovered that in the bedroom, I usually get so excited that even before I start thrusting. I'm already off.

It's So Embarrassing That I'm Off Already, When  The Woman Is Just Getting Ready

My wife was pissed because of this, but always silent about it. It got to a point, that she doesn't enjoy sex with me any longer, as my advances are replied with comments like: "I'm tired", "I'm not in the mood" etc.

Whereas, the underlying reasons for mildly refusing me was because I had repeatedly embarrassed myself with my inability to last longer and ultimately satisfy her in bed each time we make love.

Before this time, I have already read countless materials on how to enjoy a satisfying sex session, but the reality is different from what I have read.

I became more conscious of the need to last longer in order to keep my woman, as I married one of the most attractive and pretty woman on earth. Just looking at her alone, makes me very happy for how fortunate I am to be blessed by God.

My Desire For Solution To Last Longer Led Me To Search Online

As an online person, I went to the Internet to look for a possible solution. As I searched online, I discovered a trend everywhere I go. I found out to my amazement that I'm not the only man with the problem of not lasting long in bed.

I saw repeated questions in forums and blogs about men who have similar problems with me looking for a natural solution to last longer in bed. At this point, I was consoled a bit to know contrary to my opinion that I was not alone.

But I was determined to get a solution. As I researched, I saw different solutions both online and offline. There are sex creams, condoms, herbal supplements etc that are prescribed by even doctors.

Because I was desperate, I used all of them. I discovered that each of these solutions have negative effects on my health and well being.

The sex creams numbs my feelings and reduces the sensations while having sex.

The condoms even though good, prolong sex for few minutes for me, but not up to the length of time needed to get my woman to orgasm.

The herbal supplement is not that effective in giving me the type of stamina I need to withhold my excitement to orgasm.

Everything I Tried Failed!...

I desperately wanted something natural that will not mess up my metabolism. So I kept searching. Then one day, I found a very expensive material on the topic of Lasting Longer using natural methods, so I went ahead to make a purchase online.

I used just 2 days to consume all the information in that material. The next night, as usual, I persuaded my wife to the bedroom and reluctantly, she agreed to a love making session.

At a point, as I was applying what I learnt on my woman's body, for the very first time in my marriage, my wife begged me not to stop while I was thrusting. It was one of the most pleasurable and remarkable moments in my life time.

At the end, my wife confessed to me that this is the most pleasurable sex she has ever had, and that she can't wait to have more of this every time we make love.

Ever since then, I have gone ahead to last from 15 seconds in bed to as much as 30 minutes or more each time we make love and I have finally conquered the problem of not lasting long in bed using nothing but 100% natural method.

My Wife Now Lures Me To Bed Every time

Guess what?

My wife practically does everything to lure me to the bedroom after meal NEARLY every night and morning before I start the day's activity. I can confidently say today that she is the HAPPIEST woman on earth.

Enough of my ranting, let me not bore you with the story of my life because this is not about me, it's all about you.

If you are presently in the same situation like I used to be, then it's imperative that you take the same action I took to help yourself to gain the confidence of being a complete man.

Fortunately for you, you will not go through the tedious and tiring process I went through to get the perfect natural solution.

Do you know that research studies show that on the average it takes a woman at least 15 minutes of pleasuring and thrusting to get her to orgasm.

If you can't last at least 15 minutes while maintaining a full erection during sex, then you've got a problem. And the problem is you may not be able to physically bring your woman to orgasm and satisfy her when you make love.

If You Can't Please Your Woman Because You Can't Last Long Enough, Infidelity May Be Rearing It's Ugly Head In Your Household

The end result in most cases of a man's inability to last long in bed is infidelity on the part of the woman and this is a huge problem.

I realized that there are other men who may need the same solution to help them conquer the embarrassment of being a "One-Minute Man" as most ladies puts it.

And that is why I'm introducing to you the only solution that helped me to kick Premature Ejaculation out of my life for good.

It is actually a 2 in 1 solution which i tagged :





And the methods outlined in these books is 100% natural and works for virtually every man on earth today regardless of...

How old you are

How old she is

How Long You have been having Premature Ejaculation

Where you are from

How big or small you are "Down there"

What your woman does or has been in the past


In these books you will learn how to change your mindset so lasting longer and staying stronger in bed happens naturally...

Here's Just A Taste Of What You'll Get In



A special thrusting method that increases her sexual pleasure and at the same time... adds more time to your performance


A simple, proven strategy to outlast her during sex (and it has nothing to do with intercourse)


Why your tongue can be the most powerful sexual weapon (and how it can be your secret weapon to lasting longer)


An easy mindset shift that completely changes your perspective about premature ejaculation... and the best thing is, your girl will see a new, confident you with this simple "tweak"


How a quick and easy relaxation technique will give you a massive boost of control during sex


A simple but powerful way to make sure your woman always orgasms BEFORE you. She'll think you're very experienced in bed (even if you're not...)


A simple but overlooked tip that delays your ejaculation so you can keep going... and it takes seconds to learn and use


A quick and easy exercise to improve your ejaculatory muscles and develop "harder, firmer, and longer" erections


How to condition your mind so that you build a powerful self-confidence that women find irresistible


A HUGE mistake most men make during foreplay that actually accelerates their arousal AND their ejaculation


A sex position that's causing 97% of men to climax early and how a simple tweak to this position can give you more control over your arousal


Why most guys blow early when they "go all the way in" during intercourse (Hint: If you do the opposite, she won't be able to resist you!)


Most "mind distraction" tricks for lasting longer are hugely ineffective, but this distraction shortcut works almost like magic


Why you must NEVER focus on the ACT of sex if you want to actually last longer (Many guys screw this up by focusing on the "end goal". Instead, do this one thing... and premature ejaculation will never rear its ugly head again)



My secret "tantalizing grind" technique that makes a woman gasp in pleasure like she's never felt before


Four different sex positions that will give you superior endurance and INSTANTLY get a woman aroused to the point where she's filled with pleasure. It took two years to figure out these techniques but your lady will be thrilled that you know these


What to do when you have an "endurance problem"... (Many men let this ruin their sex lives FOREVER)


The hidden link between sexual confidence and sexual endurance (you might not recognize this if you're already having success in bed). Here's how sexual confidence will supercharge your stamina in bed... and the fastest way to do it


The single most important reason why you have a hair-trigger ejaculatory response... and why it's NOT your fault


The REAL reason why most men find it almost impossible to outlast their partners during sex... and what you can do about it


How to eliminate all feelings of shame, guilt and insecurity surrounding your lack of staying power, quickly and permanently


Learn a simple 5-minute exercise to rid yourself of the internal thoughts that are sabotaging your sexual performance


How to use "self-gratification" to last longer during sex - there's a right way and a wrong way... I'll show you the right way


A huge mistake guys make right before they have sex that actually kills their sexual stamina. (I'm amazed how many men do this... and if you don't know what it is, there is a good chance you're making this mistake now)


How to lower a woman's threshold for orgasm so that she ALWAYS comes before you


What you must do to ALWAYS be "mentally ready" so that you don't climax early and disappoint her again


How to prevent yourself from ejaculating when you are "on the edge"... and do so without having to "stop the action" (this one tip can literally save your relationship)


An easy way to TRIPLE the intensity of her orgasms without requiring any extra "stamina" from you (And no, I'm not kidding)


How to master your mind, have iron-clad sexual confidence and completely obliterate any sexual or performance anxiety


The single most powerful "sex tip" I've EVER discovered (This one is truly POTENT... and will bestow upon you a sexual power and create a level of intimacy that you might be mentally unprepared for... so save it for the women you really love)


If you want to arouse her the most, these are the 3 best places on her body to make that all-important "first touch" (great for guys who need that extra stamina in bed)


How to instill calmness in both your mind and body with this simple relaxation technique. With enough practice, you'll experience a profound change in your stress levels - and your sexual endurance


Four simple exercises to strengthen your "love muscles" and eliminate any chance of an embarrassing "malfunction" when it matters most


A simple but powerful breathing technique that instantly supercharges your ejaculatory control (and it takes only 5 seconds to do)


How to drive a woman wild... even if you last no more than 60 seconds into intercourse


Why penetration isn't always the best way to maximize her pleasure in bed... and what you should do instead... triple your chances of giving her powerful orgasms with this "magical" tip


Why relying on medications can actually do more harm than good... sadly 97% of men have absolutely no clue


A proven penetration technique that will easily add minutes to your lovemaking... and you can easily do 100 thrusts of this without blowing early (It's taken me a long time, but I've finally figured out a thrusting sequence that NO woman can resist. You're going to LOVE this one)


A simple visualization trick that gives you tremendous lasting power (this is the first step to actually making it HAPPEN!)

And that's just a sample of the secrets you'll find in the two books.


The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom is one of the most complete programs that's designed to stop premature ejaculation and transform you into a powerful, confident man that any woman will respect in bed.

You can finally have a fail-safe way to last longer in bed... WITHOUT wasting money on medications and without experimenting with all those expensive sprays and creams.

This is a tried and true method... one that cures your problem by focusing on the root cause rather than just trying to mask the symptoms!

In addition to getting the course above:

You will also get the following bonuses FREE immediately you purchase The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom

Red Hot Sex Tips From Real Women (N4000 Value)

Find out what these real women want you to do during sex, so you can give them exquisite pleasure!
Discover one always-ignored "hot spot" in her body, that can make her melt... even if you're out in public! (After doing this, she will want you to take her somewhere private, very quickly!)
Learn about another often-ignored part of her body that can get her "ready" really fast... and you don't even have to take her clothes off to get her there!
Her one secret craving that she wishes more men would do to her...and it doesn't even require any special skill or technique! (You already know how to do this right now!)
Two more special areas that she wishes you would give more attention to. (You'll be surprised to find out what they are, and how easily it can help her to the big "Orgasm"!)
  • And Lot's more...


Bedroom Satisfaction (N3500 Value)

Are you satisfied with your sex life? Learn How you can improve with this report.

  • Using Hide & Seek Game For Love making

  • How To Use Erotic Words To Set Your Woman's Heart On Fire

  • How To Kick Boredom Out Of The Bedroom By Introducing Unique Twists To Make Every Experience Special

  • Maximizing The Woman's Pleasure Points Orally

  • Using The Standing Position In A Unique Way For Satisfying The Woman

  • And Lot's more


30-Second Seduction
(N3000 Value)

Discover Powerful "30-Second" Seduction Secrets to Attract and Seduce Her From The Moment She Sees YOU

How to start attracting her from across the room, even before you say a single word to her!
How to avoid the biggest mistake that most guys make around hot women
How to make simple, quick and easy changes that can instantly establish your uniqueness and confidence (which are 2 of the most important things women look for!)
How to "look" at her so you can convey interest without giving off a desperate, horny, or even a "newbie" vibe. (She will be drawn in without realizing why!)
How to get her to loosen up, drop her guard, and come out to "play"...and do it all with one simple technique!
How to display strength and character without pretending to look macho, arrogant, or tougher than other guys. (This one is so simple, you'll kick yourself for not figuring it out sooner!)
... And Much More! ...


 I Need These in My Life...
But How Much is it Going to Cost Me?


Think about how much something like this could improve your life.

Really picture it.

Imagine your life without the fear, or the frustration of Premature Ejaculation.

All embarrassment is gone. You're no longer afraid to get intimate with your woman... in fact you welcome it, just like any red blooded man should.

After all, sex should be fun right? It's not something you should dread, or become stressed over.

And that's exactly how things will be after using The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom

You won't have to worry about your woman secretly wishing you didn't have this problem... and you'll no longer have a dirty secret to share with any future partners. If you've ever struggled with trying to tell someone about your Premature Ejaculation, you know how tough and humiliating it can be.

If youíre still reading then you must clearly see the value in The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom and the 3 free but powerful bonuses that comes with it and how they can transform your life.

So whatís it going to cost you?

Well as you probably know right now some people are spending tens of thousands of Naira for creams, supplements, and sex specialist or therapist consultants to help them last longer in bed...

And most of the time these so called ďspecialistsĒ donít know half of what is taught in the The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom e-books.

Now the full value of The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom and the bonuses is more than N20,000.

But donít worry...

Youíre not going to pay N20,000 for The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom and the
3 exclusive bonuses...

Youíre not even going to pay N10,000...

Youíre not even going to pay half of N10,000!

If you purchase The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom Today, You will only Pay N2,500 including the Free Powerful Bonuses


NOT  N20,000

Not  N10,000

Not  N5,000




Yes, for N2,500 ONLY available only for today

you'll get a life changing natural method to last longer in bed.




Here's How To Order



Once they payment is made online with your card, you would immediately be transferred to the page to download the e-books as well as all the bonuses to make you last longer with stronger erection.



To take advantage of this special offer, pay N2,500 ONLY into the account number below:

Note: You may also do online transfers immediately  using online banking services.

Bank Name -
GT Bank
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Chika Vincent Okorocha
Account Number -
010 - 795 - 1284

After making the payment, make sure you send us your payment details to

The subject of the email should be "Premature Ejaculation Solution".
The payment details you are to send are:

Your Full Name
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As soon as your payment is confirmed, the reports that you paid for will be sent into your email box so that you can download them and start applying the techniques right away.

N.B: This e-book The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom is Not in Hard Copies. It's only available as digital copies that will be delivered as email download to your email inbox.

It's also not available in Bookshops. You can only get it from this website.

Before I conclude this message, I want to add this. In the unlikely event that these materials did not work for you, I have a strong guarantee to back it up. This is to show you how convinced I'm that this program will work for you.

And This Is Backed By My Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you try the techniques in this e-book and it doesn't work, just email me anytime within 30 days and I'll buy the book back from you, refunding every penny.

In essence, I've reversed all the risk. Read the book, Last longer and give your woman earth-shattering orgasms, or get your money back. It's as simple as that!

The only reason I can make such a big promise backed by such a strong guarantee is because I know The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom will work for you in helping you last longer  and stay stronger in bed...

Just as it has helped me and so many other people who have access to the same materials.

I hope that you will act on this information and for the first time in your life, conquer the problem of Premature ejaculation.

It's your choice really.

Thanks for reading up to this point and ensure you get this wonderful product TODAY as I'm still considering reviewing the price up soon.

Don't be surprised if you come back tomorrow and the price on this page has jumped to N5,500, which is still far from it's true monetary value.

Honestly, that WILL HAPPEN any time soon. So just invest on this material and transform your life today before that inevitable price increase.




Wishing you a satisfying sexual life,


Chika Okorocha
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SMS at any time.

PS - This website is the only place you will find the exact method I personally used to go from lasting less than 15 seconds to over 30 minutes in bed. If you want to last significantly longer in bed then this is your chance.

PPS - The Ultimate Secrets to Lasting Longer with Stronger Erection in Bedroom is currently selling for the insanely low price of N2,500. I cannot guarantee how long I can keep the price this low. With the advertising and expansion I have planned I might have to increase this any day. Get it now while it's still available at only N2,500.


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